Italian Lingerie by Ritratti Milano

What a stunner, isn't it? The latest collection of Ritratti Milano is everything we were expecting of this brand known for delivering beautiful lingerie in the best Italian style. "Made in Italy" is still today a symbol of luxury and great design. Ritratti Milano together with La Perla and Cotton Club are the perfect example of it. Italian Lingerie is classic, feminine, sexy and luxurious.

This season is no exception, the fabrics chosen for each line are a delight to the senses. Gorgeous floral lace in pastel tones creates beautiful feminine pieces. The first image of this post contains a babydoll from the garden line. If you are wondering about the color, they call it Safran. It is made of luxury floral lace. The design is beautiful! The transparency created by the lace makes this lingerie piece my favorite inside the entire collection. A true representation of Italian Lingerie.

Italian Lingerie: Sexy and Feminine Bras

If there is something Ritratti knows how to do best are good shaping and fitting bras. The push-up extreme with inserted pads fits beautifully creating a sexy décolleté. It is part of almost all their lines and this season comes as part of the Garden Line. On the following image, you can appreciate it on the set in dark rose color. A classic made with luxury lace and microtulle. Isn't it beautiful? I love the complete set and especially the transparency of the panty.

Another bra that is characteristic and even copyrighted by this Italian Lingerie Brand is the world famous, Star-Cup Bra. You can see it below on the right image containing the black lingerie set. This set is part of the Chevron line. Since last year, Ritratti has been developing for the winter more sexy oriented lines. Off course, always maintaining their classic elegance. The Chevron line is very sexy! It offers a combination of geometric lace and microfiber. I love this new version of the Star Cup bra with these fabrics. Gorgeous set, isn't it?

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Italian Lingerie: Sexy Bodysuits

This season you can find a wide offer of bodysuits on the Ritratti Collection. The following two are my favorite ones due to their sexy nature and classic allure. The first one is part of the Chevron line. It brings sexy wherever it goes! The design is made to have all eyes on you and plays with textures and transparencies, without looking trashy. Together with a skirt or a pair of pants, it will leave for sure a positive impression! The second bodysuit on the right is made of silk, and in a more classical way it, the design plays with floral embroideries and transparencies. Just gorgeous, don't you think?

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Italian Lingerie: Classic Elegance

Have you ever wonder, how does Italian Lingerie looks like? The following pieces are the perfect example of it. Feminine, elegant and sexy all at the same time. Particularly, the nightdress is amazing! It is made of fabrics such as luxury lace and fine micro-modal in a powder tone. Wearing fine Italian micro-modal on your nightwear is an experience that I really recommend for you. It really feels like a second skin!

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Red Lingerie to Fire Up Any Desire

One of the things I love the most about the color red itself is that it symbolizes love and passion. Lingerie is the perfect excuse not only to spice up your life but to create a lovely bond between a couple. Therefore, red lingerie is for me a lovely symbol of both. If you ask me, there shouldn't be a special occasion to use red lingerie. However is you do, the following sets that we selected for you will leave your partner breathless!

Ready to fire up any desire are the following red lingerie sets from British Lingerie Label L'Agent by Agent Provocateur and French brand Maison Close. They were selected based on their uniqueness, attention to detail and lovely fabrics.

The first red lingerie set (first image of this post) belongs to the Grace line of the latest Winter collection of L'Agent, a true highlight this season. Grace is not a new line, however, in this color variation, it is. A lovely version in hot red with hints of golden threads on the lace. The finishing of all pieces is delightful! Don't you think?

Red Lingerie: Odessa Bodysuit

Also by L'Agent by Agent Provocateur is the following ouvert Bodysuit. A wonderful option for someone who is looking for something unique. This piece is part of the Odessa line, which has lovely red animal print lace on the cups, together with lovely straps highlighting the décolleté. The bodysuit is made entirely of microtulle, which creates sexy transparencies that will surprise your partner. A gorgeous red lingerie piece for any occasion.

Red Lingerie: Odessa Set by L'Agent

The following set is part of the same Odessa range by L'Agent. I love everything about this red lingerie set. If you look closely, the front view has a gorgeous effect made by the shininess of the animal print fabric and the back view is, thanks to the microtulle, transparent. It looks so classy and erotic! Perfect for anyone who is looking for the traditional set in a seductive and innovative fabric.

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Red Lingerie: Floral Lace with a Golden Touch

Maison Close is a French Lingerie Label dedicated to the creation of erotic lingerie. The following set is part of the Jardin Imperial line that is available in black and now in red. Another sexy red lingerie set, ready to fire up any desire.

Just like the Grace line by L'Agent (first image of post) this lovely set has also a golden touch in its lace. It is luxurious and modern at the same time. My favorite piece of this set is the bra. The straps are gorgeous and they highlight the décolleté in a super sexy way. The tone of the red is more of a burnt red, giving a sophisticated flair to it.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Which is your favorite red lingerie set of this season? Did you enjoy the selection we made for you? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.

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6 Negligees That Will Leave You Breathless

Finding a Negligee for a special occasion can be a little overwhelming. There are too many options and time never seems to be on our side. Having that in mind, we went window shopping and selected some of our favorite pieces.

Beautifully designed silk Negligees are the strong suit of Marjolaine, a French lingerie label that could be considered the Rolls Royce of Negligees due to its high manufacturing techniques, luxurious fabrics and amazing design. Trust me, when it comes to Marjolaine, you won't find this level of quality that easy or a Negligee that can make a better gift!

Negligees: It's All About the Seductive Back View

The first Negligee of this post is a gorgeous example of a feminine piece. Made of luxurious black Calais lace in a modern floral design, and fine silk in a lilac pastel tone. For sure an amazing piece for any season! I love how unique the design is. Perfect for women who love a romantic touch and at the same time have a flirtatious nature.

A little bit more conservative in its design, the following gray Negligee, is a joy to look at. The Macramé detail all across the back is something we have been seeing on the recent collections of Marjolaine. It's a very sophisticated piece made 100% of finest silk.

The third Negligee goes more into the erotic lingerie direction. Thin black straps across the back create shapes and lines that drive the complete attention to this area. A very sexy and daring piece! The fabric is also worth mentioning: silk chiffon in animal print design with a woven in Pointille pattern. This fabric is very pleasant to touch and feel.

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Negligees: Pure Luxury

The following Negligee belongs to the GOLD line of Marjolaine. Yes, it's the most expensive line, however, if you can afford it, it's totally worth it. The manufacturing of this kind of piece is unique in its nature. Why? Because for a Negligee to have perfectly sewn floral lace on the edges and on those special openings you need a specific machine, from which nowadays there are only 5 left. They all belong to Marjolaine now. That's why they could achieve such an amazing level of detail. If you look closely, no one really manages to create the same level of manufacturing. This lingerie piece is one of my favorites from this year's winter collection. It's elegant, feminine and so sexy!

Negligees: Pastel Colors & Lace

Depending on how revealing you feel, you can choose your Negligee. For example, on the next two pieces, we can see the role that lace can play on a design. For example, on the lilac pastel negligee, the black lace is inserted along the hemline and the décolleté, creating a contrasting effect that makes it super sexy. On the other hand, the rosé Negligee has lace on top of the silk which creates a more conservative yet very feminine look.

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Erotic Lingerie & The Art of Seduction

Playing with the element of surprise is one of my favorite themes from the art of seduction. Thanks to Erotic Lingerie the possibilities are endless. You can become for one night a seductive Femme Fatale, your partner never even imagine possible, and the next night play with the complete opposite: a sexy bride.

Riding this amazing train, you might discover amazing things about yourself and your partner that will leave you breathless. Naughty Lingerie, Sexy Lingerie, and Erotic Lingerie are great allies when it comes to spicing up our love life.

Just like any other art, seduction can be studied and planned. For starters, we have to ask ourselves what is our authentic personality. It is very important to connect with ourselves first, with our own body, desires, and expectations. How comfortable we feel on our own skin is very important and also the key to what we are open to experience.

Based on the most recent Erotic Lingerie collections for Autumn/Winter 2016, we selected three themes we are sure you are going to love!

Erotic Lingerie & The Femme Fatale:

Always putting herself first, the Femme Fatale knows exactly what she wants and doesn't hesitate to get it. She is mysterious, feminine, very sexy but never trashy. She loves her sexy lingerie because it’s her weapon of choice. She has a narcissistic nature; therefore she's only interested on her personal pleasure. That's why she is a master at leaving her partner always desiring more.

The following Erotic Lingerie sets are from the latest collection of RCrescentini. Inspired by role-playing, this sexy cop will fulfill the desires of many. The set is made of luxury floral lace and black satin. RCrescentini is an Italian brand dedicated for decades to the world of Sexy and Erotic Lingerie. Made from luxury fabrics and with a great fit, we are sure these sexy lingerie sets are perfect for what you are looking for.

Erotic Lingerie Erotic Lingerie

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Sexy Lingerie & The Modern Geisha:

Don't let yourself be confused. Women inside the Geisha society are probably some of the most successful businesswomen in Japan. They are self-sufficient, independent entertainers, who's playful flirting and innuendos are perfect for a night of naughty role-play!

This season Atelier Bordelle launched a new Erotic Lingerie collection inspired by these intriguing women. A great pick for this Bondage inspired Brand. The combination of straps and floral lace are the perfect analogy between refinement and control. So beautifully crafted and in a color that awakens every sexy thought.

Erotic Lingerie Erotic Lingerie Erotic Lingerie

* Click this link to find the A/W 2016 Collection by Bordelle Lingerie | Bordelle Lingerie auf Deutsch

Naughty Lingerie & The Sexy Bride:

Inspired in the world of Bondage, the new sexy bride is a self-confident, modern woman who loves to break tradition to inspire the imagination of her partner. A classic look is converted into a completely new experience when this lovely creature explores her naughty side.

Once again has Bordelle Lingerie inspired us with a sexy lingerie line that is completely unique in the market. This bondage lingerie is more than we could imagine: Erotic, sexy and so naughty!

Erotic Lingerie Erotic Lingerie Erotic Lingerie

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Transparent Lingerie: A Timeless Classic


A lot of people might think that transparent lingerie is a no brainer, and to all of them I have to say… you're right! What is sexier than a woman wearing sexy transparent lingerie? That is why a see-through Babydoll and a sexy negligee are all musts on a woman's drawer. However, there are plenty of options including styles and fabrics, which should be considered before getting a new set.

For today's post we went window-shopping and found lovely pieces that can inspire you on your journey of finding the perfect transparent lingerie set.

See-through Bras & Slips

Designed for self-confident women who love to show their attributes and thrive on feeling sexy. The following combinations are truly irresistible! Fine mesh, lace or a combination of both, are all lovely options. On the first image of the post we can admire the Magdalena set, a bondage inspired set from the latest collection of Bordelle made of black sheer mesh and straps. Oh, so naughty!

Another sexy combination by the same brand is the Adriana Set in blue. Isn't it sexy? The Mariona set by L'Agent by Agent Provocateur is another super sexy set made of sheer mesh, with playful bows and details in red satin. If you are only looking for bottoms with playful transparencies, the backsides of the Vanesa and Rosalyn briefs by L'Agent are also super cute!


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Super-Sheer Babydolls

I love Babydolls due too their playful and sexy nature. They are perfect for those moments when you don't feel like wearing something so close to the body. A transparent Babydoll is a feast to the eyes of the beholder! The Kaity Babydoll by L'Agent is so simple but yet very feminine. I love how romantic the cups are. Styled with the matching string, you won't go wrong. The Nuisette from Marjolaine is an amazing piece that I can see it perfectly worn also as beachwear. It is an interesting proposal for the hot summer days.


Transparent Negligees

The Negligee is together with the Babydoll one of the most popular categories in the Lingerie world. My favorite combinations are always the ones made of elastic floral lace, like the black Negligee from Marjolaine with the triangle cups. Perfect for small cups. It's timeless, sexy and elegant. Another of my favorites this season is the black sheer negligee by RCrescentini. A gorgeous combination of fine mesh and lace, that you won't find so easy out there. If you are looking for something full of lovely lace details, I recommend you the Vanesa Slipdress by L'Agent by AP. Sexy, transparent and at a great price!


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Sexy Lingerie Tops

Last but not least, Lingerie Tops. Together with the Negligee is the Lingerie Top the favorite pick for men looking for that special gift. I love it because it says I love to see your boobs at any time ;) Cotton Club is a brand that usually has such pieces. The following is a sample of their beautiful work.


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