Marjolaine: A Selection of the Sexiest Pieces for this Summer 2015


Marjolaine has been selected by the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris as "Designer of the year 2015". A well deserved honor for a brand that excels in the creation of luxury lingerie and nightwear collections using traditional manufacturing techniques from France. Nightwear made from fine silk in sophisticated colors with applications of Calais lace are typical from all Marjolaine collections, however we have noticed lately that they are following also the growing trend of erotic lingerie, reflected in beautiful see-through pieces (All of them part of today's post). A little bit for every taste and personality, here is our selection of the sexiest pieces from the latest Marjolaine Spring/Summer 2015 collection:

On the first image of the post we can see a Negligee made from a combination of transparent mesh fabric for the top front, and a see-through dotted lace for the lower end and the back side. Truly sexy! My favorite part of this Negligee is the open back and the crossed shoulder straps, perfect for women looking for something not only sexy but romantic.

Marjolaine: Seductive Negligees

The following two negligees from the latest collection of Marjolaine are perfect for women who are looking for something that fits close to the body. These two creations are independent from each other (its not the same negligee) and one has more attention to detail in the front, and the other one in the back. I find the one on the right just dreamy! The way the back is designed it brings the view right there where you want it to be. Both Negligees are made from transparent lace with a dotted motif and floral applications. All these applications are on the perfect spots always suggestive and very classy. For sure these two negligees are highlights. I invite you to try those creations and embrace and enjoy your body just as it is.


Marjolaine: Long nightdresses for unforgettable nights

Marjolaine is all about design! Luxurious nightdresses that for sure will make you feel like a goddess and will make your partner spin. Dare to try something new, if you are feeling a little shy, try the long pieces, they are truly special. Marjolaine is a specialist in the creation of luxurious nightwear, the wearing comfort of this lace is something I can describe with many words, but the experience will always be far superior. Don't forget that luxury lingerie and nightwear are experiences always worth trying. Better quality, design and attention to detail always translates in a long lasting product with a far superior wearing and therefore enjoyment experience.


Marjolaine: Floral babydoll with satin details

There are women who don't like anything to close to the body, for them is much more enjoyable to wear babydolls. For them we have the last lingerie piece of this post! A babydoll made from black floral lace and satin details. Recommended for women with smaller breasts since it doesn't have a wire. The matching string in the same lace is also lovely. So, don't forget to consider Marjolaine if you are looking for sexy lingerie and nightwear this spring. You can find all of the above sets available at Oleanda - Luxus Dessous.

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