6 Negligees That Will Leave You Breathless

Finding a Negligee for a special occasion can be a little overwhelming. There are too many options and time never seems to be on our side. Having that in mind, we went window shopping and selected some of our favorite pieces.

Beautifully designed silk Negligees are the strong suit of Marjolaine, a French lingerie label that could be considered the Rolls Royce of Negligees due to its high manufacturing techniques, luxurious fabrics and amazing design. Trust me, when it comes to Marjolaine, you won't find this level of quality that easy or a Negligee that can make a better gift!

Negligees: It's All About the Seductive Back View

The first Negligee of this post is a gorgeous example of a feminine piece. Made of luxurious black Calais lace in a modern floral design, and fine silk in a lilac pastel tone. For sure an amazing piece for any season! I love how unique the design is. Perfect for women who love a romantic touch and at the same time have a flirtatious nature.

A little bit more conservative in its design, the following gray Negligee, is a joy to look at. The Macramé detail all across the back is something we have been seeing on the recent collections of Marjolaine. It's a very sophisticated piece made 100% of finest silk.

The third Negligee goes more into the erotic lingerie direction. Thin black straps across the back create shapes and lines that drive the complete attention to this area. A very sexy and daring piece! The fabric is also worth mentioning: silk chiffon in animal print design with a woven in Pointille pattern. This fabric is very pleasant to touch and feel.

Negligees: Pure Luxury

The following Negligee belongs to the GOLD line of Marjolaine. Yes, it's the most expensive line, however, if you can afford it, it's totally worth it. The manufacturing of this kind of piece is unique in its nature. Why? Because for a Negligee to have perfectly sewn floral lace on the edges and on those special openings you need a specific machine, from which nowadays there are only 5 left. They all belong to Marjolaine now. That's why they could achieve such an amazing level of detail. If you look closely, no one really manages to create the same level of manufacturing. This lingerie piece is one of my favorites from this year's winter collection. It's elegant, feminine and so sexy!

Negligees: Pastel Colors & Lace

Depending on how revealing you feel, you can choose your Negligee. For example, on the next two pieces, we can see the role that lace can play on a design. For example, on the lilac pastel negligee, the black lace is inserted along the hemline and the décolleté, creating a contrasting effect that makes it super sexy. On the other hand, the rosé Negligee has lace on top of the silk which creates a more conservative yet very feminine look.

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