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Sexy Gift Ideas: The Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide

Are you looking for lingerie to surprise your significant other this Christmas, but have no idea where to start? Having you in mind, we developed the Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide! Look no further, the following list has all the inspiration you need to get the perfect sexy gift for her.

1. Lingerie Sets: Black Transparent Lace

Lace can be romantic, modern and sexy at the same time. It is versatile and comfortable enough to be worn during the day and night. Something for every taste… there are big floral motives, or small florals with contrasting red details. Lovely geometric shapes that highlight the feminine body. This beautiful combinations are perfect for any woman! Who doesn't love black lingerie? All sets belong to the latest collection of L'Agent by Agent Provocateur and you can find them here:

> L'Agent by AP Shop

2. Lace Negligees: Sexy Transparencies

Breathtaking, right? The following Negligees are all part of the latest collection of Marjolaine. Here there is something for everybody! They are all stunning choices. Find all the following styles here:

> Marjolaine Shop

3. Silk Negligees: The Ultimate Gift

A Silk Negligee is probably one of the most luxurious gifts! It is for sure worth all the money. There is nothing like the wearing comfort of pure silk on the skin. The following pieces are elegant and super sexy. They are beautifully designed to highlight the feminine body. The selection below belongs to the latest collections of Cotton Club and Marjolaine. Discover them here: > Silk Negligees


Italian Lingerie by Ritratti Milano

What a stunner, isn't it? The latest collection of Ritratti Milano is everything we were expecting of this brand known for delivering beautiful lingerie in the best Italian style. "Made in Italy" is still today a symbol of luxury and great design. Ritratti Milano together with La Perla and Cotton Club are the perfect example of it. Italian Lingerie is classic, feminine, sexy and luxurious.

This season is no exception, the fabrics chosen for each line are a delight to the senses. Gorgeous floral lace in pastel tones creates beautiful feminine pieces. The first image of this post contains a babydoll from the garden line. If you are wondering about the color, they call it Safran. It is made of luxury floral lace. The design is beautiful! The transparency created by the lace makes this lingerie piece my favorite inside the entire collection. A true representation of Italian Lingerie.

Italian Lingerie: Sexy and Feminine Bras

If there is something Ritratti knows how to do best are good shaping and fitting bras. The push-up extreme with inserted pads fits beautifully creating a sexy décolleté. It is part of almost all their lines and this season comes as part of the Garden Line. On the following image, you can appreciate it on the set in dark rose color. A classic made with luxury lace and microtulle. Isn't it beautiful? I love the complete set and especially the transparency of the panty.

Another bra that is characteristic and even copyrighted by this Italian Lingerie Brand is the world famous, Star-Cup Bra. You can see it below on the right image containing the black lingerie set. This set is part of the Chevron line. Since last year, Ritratti has been developing for the winter more sexy oriented lines. Off course, always maintaining their classic elegance. The Chevron line is very sexy! It offers a combination of geometric lace and microfiber. I love this new version of the Star Cup bra with these fabrics. Gorgeous set, isn't it?

*Click this link to find more Lace Lingerie in English | Spitzenunterwäsche auf Deutsch

Italian Lingerie: Sexy Bodysuits

This season you can find a wide offer of bodysuits on the Ritratti Collection. The following two are my favorite ones due to their sexy nature and classic allure. The first one is part of the Chevron line. It brings sexy wherever it goes! The design is made to have all eyes on you and plays with textures and transparencies, without looking trashy. Together with a skirt or a pair of pants, it will leave for sure a positive impression! The second bodysuit on the right is made of silk, and in a more classical way it, the design plays with floral embroideries and transparencies. Just gorgeous, don't you think?

Italian Lingerie: Classic Elegance

Have you ever wonder, how does Italian Lingerie looks like? The following pieces are the perfect example of it. Feminine, elegant and sexy all at the same time. Particularly, the nightdress is amazing! It is made of fabrics such as luxury lace and fine micro-modal in a powder tone. Wearing fine Italian micro-modal on your nightwear is an experience that I really recommend for you. It really feels like a second skin!

*Click this link to find more lingerie from Ritratti Milano, Italian Lingerie and Negligees, all available at Oleanda.

*Find more Luxury Lingerie at Oleanda - Luxus Dessous


Lise Charmel: A Look Inside This Season's Brightest Colors


Lise Charmel is a lingerie brand from France producing luxury lingerie. The design of their collections is known for being elegant and classic. The women who usually wear Lise Charmel love their everyday luxuries. Crafted with fine fabrics and with a high level of detail, a lingerie piece from Lise Charmel is something worth seeing and trying of course! Every season, the brand delivers a big fashion collection with several lines (10 approx.) This very successful strategy of creating fine fashion lingerie makes of Lise Charmel a key player on the European luxury market.

Today we made a selection of this season's most colorful and interesting lines, so you can put a little bit of spark on your lingerie drawer. Ok, let's start with Princesse Gothique (first image of post). Made in pastel blue with embroidery micro tulle. Delicate and feminine, this line exhales intimate elegance. All the Lise Charmel bras such as the balcony bra, the half-cup bra and the push up bra are part of this line. Available in European sizes from 70D to 85D. The prices depend on the style but usually are between 100€ and 130€. You can also find all the usual bottoms from Lise Charmel available on this line.

Lise Charmel: Pretty Nymphea

On a very different side we found Pretty Nymphea. A line created for women who love flower motives in trendy colors. In this case you can also choose the matching nightwear to your lingerie set. Available in two different color combinations: green and pink. Made from embroidery micro tulle with lace details. This line is fresh and light just as its fabrics!


Lise Charmel: Audace Iris and Jardins de Turquoise

Leavers lace and embroidery tulle are the main fabrics of this two lines that called our attention due to their strong color proposal. Both feminine and young! Our favorite piece is the pink negligee with spaghetti straps, so summerly sexy! Don't hesitate to bring more color into your everyday life with gorgeous Lise Charmel. You can discover the complete range of this S/S 2015 collection on their website: or Shop selected ranges of Lise Charmel at Oleanda - Luxus Dessous

Lise Charmel © All Copyrights


Marjolaine: A Selection of the Sexiest Pieces for this Summer 2015


Marjolaine has been selected by the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris as "Designer of the year 2015". A well deserved honor for a brand that excels in the creation of luxury lingerie and nightwear collections using traditional manufacturing techniques from France. Nightwear made from fine silk in sophisticated colors with applications of Calais lace are typical from all Marjolaine collections, however we have noticed lately that they are following also the growing trend of erotic lingerie, reflected in beautiful see-through pieces (All of them part of today's post). A little bit for every taste and personality, here is our selection of the sexiest pieces from the latest Marjolaine Spring/Summer 2015 collection:

On the first image of the post we can see a Negligee made from a combination of transparent mesh fabric for the top front, and a see-through dotted lace for the lower end and the back side. Truly sexy! My favorite part of this Negligee is the open back and the crossed shoulder straps, perfect for women looking for something not only sexy but romantic.

Marjolaine: Seductive Negligees

The following two negligees from the latest collection of Marjolaine are perfect for women who are looking for something that fits close to the body. These two creations are independent from each other (its not the same negligee) and one has more attention to detail in the front, and the other one in the back. I find the one on the right just dreamy! The way the back is designed it brings the view right there where you want it to be. Both Negligees are made from transparent lace with a dotted motif and floral applications. All these applications are on the perfect spots always suggestive and very classy. For sure these two negligees are highlights. I invite you to try those creations and embrace and enjoy your body just as it is.


Marjolaine: Long nightdresses for unforgettable nights

Marjolaine is all about design! Luxurious nightdresses that for sure will make you feel like a goddess and will make your partner spin. Dare to try something new, if you are feeling a little shy, try the long pieces, they are truly special. Marjolaine is a specialist in the creation of luxurious nightwear, the wearing comfort of this lace is something I can describe with many words, but the experience will always be far superior. Don't forget that luxury lingerie and nightwear are experiences always worth trying. Better quality, design and attention to detail always translates in a long lasting product with a far superior wearing and therefore enjoyment experience.


Marjolaine: Floral babydoll with satin details

There are women who don't like anything to close to the body, for them is much more enjoyable to wear babydolls. For them we have the last lingerie piece of this post! A babydoll made from black floral lace and satin details. Recommended for women with smaller breasts since it doesn't have a wire. The matching string in the same lace is also lovely. So, don't forget to consider Marjolaine if you are looking for sexy lingerie and nightwear this spring. You can find all of the above sets available at Oleanda - Luxus Dessous.

Marjolaine © Copyrights


L'Agent by Agent Provocateur S/S 15: Collection review


L'Agent by Agent Provocateur is one of our favorite lingerie labels. This spring/summer 2015 their collection is so sophisticated and sexy, it took us some time to decide which looks to show you guys. However, here they are… our selection of the best lingerie sets from the latest collection from L'Agent by Agent Provocateur. Let's start with the Iana range (first image of post). An exquisite combination of metallic gold lace, open fishnet and satin ribbons. Available in two color combinations blue/gold and black/gold. The complete lingerie set is so dreamy. Love the fit of the bra and its sheerness, with the suspender and the mini brief a real must. Don't miss the Iana playsuit if you are going into the erotic lingerie direction.

Mariona is another eye catcher! The combination of the non padded bra, the suspender and the string is just unforgettable. Always managing to follow the trends and at the same time create something very unique… it goes in the direction of strappy lingerie, never loosing its elegance and alluring nature. The complete looks are always recommended if you want to create a high impact ensemble. Also, the prices are very reasonable considering the quality, fit and design.

On the third position we have Idalia. This is for sure our favorite combination from the complete spring collection from L'Agent by Agent Provocateur. Even though it is not a new set (it was present in other seasons) this time its black version was everything we were expecting. The bra is a non pad demi bra (like most of the bras of the collection) made from sheer black eyelash lace with a peekaboo effect thanks to its double layer design. It is romantic and has roll play written all over! Don't forget to take a look at the Idalia playsuit if you are looking for an statement piece.


L'Agent by Agent Provocateur: Animal print a playful classic

Reya and Lucila are back this season in two colors you don't want to miss (see them in previous seasons). This combinations are so much fun, you can dare to show them off with your favorite see-through garments. Pink is the color from the latest variation of Reya. With the right slip is the perfect lingerie set for those hot summer nights. Pink tulle together with a black leopard lace make a very interesting and modern combination. L'Agent by Agent Provocateur is known for their daring and unique designs, this spring is no different. Don't forget to take a look at Lucila! It has one of the few padded balcony bras (most of the lines are non padded) and the purple tone makes it very playful.


L'Agent by Agent Provocateur: Basques in the best Agent Provocateur style

What would be of L'Agent by Agent Provocateur without the influence of its sister brand Agent Provocateur? Seductive lingerie pieces like the Iana and Mirabel basques are a great choice for lingerie lovers who are looking for extraordinary lingerie pieces at affordable prices. Considering the great fit and manufacturing quality, these pieces in-between 150€ and 180€ are pretty affordable compared to the usual price of an Agent Provocateur piece. For sure they are unforgettable lingerie sets that could be combined with a fun skirt or some pants for a fun night out!


L'Agent by Agent Provocateur: Seductive pieces for unforgettable nights

In the latest collection from L'Agent by Agent Provocateur there are some important pieces to consider if you are looking for sexy lingerie. The first one is the Dita babydoll in black sheer lace, the Vanesa slipdress in purple lace with tull and the famous Idalia playsuit, available this spring in dark pink. Some important recommendations: The Vanesa slipdress is made without a wire, so we recommend it for women with smaller cups. The Idalia playsuit is always a delight. If you are looking for a signature piece look no further, you found it! And if you want something sexy and flattering the Dita babydoll is a great choice.


L'Agent by Agent Provocateur: 50 shades of pink

Pink is almost always present in spring lingerie collections. However, L'Agent by Agent Provocateur always presents unique styles that fulfill the expectations of even the most skeptics. The Penelope set is back with different shades of pink and fuchsia . Named after Penelope Cruz, this set is a bestseller for the brand due to its fit and also how beautiful it highlights the décolleté. In the Classic range you can find it also available in black color and nude (find the classic range of L'Agent by Agent Provocateur at Oleanda Dessous). Felicita has also very delicate combination of colors and the Monica babydoll - named after Monica Cruz - is now also available in soft pastel pink.

If you want to read more about the history behind the lingerie label L'Agent by Agent Provocateur click here to read its Brand Profile and don't forget you can find your favorite lingerie pieces from L'Agent by Agent Provocateur at Oleanda - edle Dessous.

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