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Red Lingerie to Fire Up Any Desire

One of the things I love the most about the color red itself is that it symbolizes love and passion. Lingerie is the perfect excuse not only to spice up your life but to create a lovely bond between a couple. Therefore, red lingerie is for me a lovely symbol of both. If you ask me, there shouldn't be a special occasion to use red lingerie. However is you do, the following sets that we selected for you will leave your partner breathless!

Ready to fire up any desire are the following red lingerie sets from British Lingerie Label L'Agent by Agent Provocateur and French brand Maison Close. They were selected based on their uniqueness, attention to detail and lovely fabrics.

The first red lingerie set (first image of this post) belongs to the Grace line of the latest Winter collection of L'Agent, a true highlight this season. Grace is not a new line, however, in this color variation, it is. A lovely version in hot red with hints of golden threads on the lace. The finishing of all pieces is delightful! Don't you think?

Red Lingerie: Odessa Bodysuit

Also by L'Agent by Agent Provocateur is the following ouvert Bodysuit. A wonderful option for someone who is looking for something unique. This piece is part of the Odessa line, which has lovely red animal print lace on the cups, together with lovely straps highlighting the décolleté. The bodysuit is made entirely of microtulle, which creates sexy transparencies that will surprise your partner. A gorgeous red lingerie piece for any occasion.

Red Lingerie: Odessa Set by L'Agent

The following set is part of the same Odessa range by L'Agent. I love everything about this red lingerie set. If you look closely, the front view has a gorgeous effect made by the shininess of the animal print fabric and the back view is, thanks to the microtulle, transparent. It looks so classy and erotic! Perfect for anyone who is looking for the traditional set in a seductive and innovative fabric.

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Red Lingerie: Floral Lace with a Golden Touch

Maison Close is a French Lingerie Label dedicated to the creation of erotic lingerie. The following set is part of the Jardin Imperial line that is available in black and now in red. Another sexy red lingerie set, ready to fire up any desire.

Just like the Grace line by L'Agent (first image of post) this lovely set has also a golden touch in its lace. It is luxurious and modern at the same time. My favorite piece of this set is the bra. The straps are gorgeous and they highlight the décolleté in a super sexy way. The tone of the red is more of a burnt red, giving a sophisticated flair to it.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Which is your favorite red lingerie set of this season? Did you enjoy the selection we made for you? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.

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