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Italian Lingerie by Ritratti Milano

What a stunner, isn't it? The latest collection of Ritratti Milano is everything we were expecting of this brand known for delivering beautiful lingerie in the best Italian style. "Made in Italy" is still today a symbol of luxury and great design. Ritratti Milano together with La Perla and Cotton Club are the perfect example of it. Italian Lingerie is classic, feminine, sexy and luxurious.

This season is no exception, the fabrics chosen for each line are a delight to the senses. Gorgeous floral lace in pastel tones creates beautiful feminine pieces. The first image of this post contains a babydoll from the garden line. If you are wondering about the color, they call it Safran. It is made of luxury floral lace. The design is beautiful! The transparency created by the lace makes this lingerie piece my favorite inside the entire collection. A true representation of Italian Lingerie.

Italian Lingerie: Sexy and Feminine Bras

If there is something Ritratti knows how to do best are good shaping and fitting bras. The push-up extreme with inserted pads fits beautifully creating a sexy décolleté. It is part of almost all their lines and this season comes as part of the Garden Line. On the following image, you can appreciate it on the set in dark rose color. A classic made with luxury lace and microtulle. Isn't it beautiful? I love the complete set and especially the transparency of the panty.

Another bra that is characteristic and even copyrighted by this Italian Lingerie Brand is the world famous, Star-Cup Bra. You can see it below on the right image containing the black lingerie set. This set is part of the Chevron line. Since last year, Ritratti has been developing for the winter more sexy oriented lines. Off course, always maintaining their classic elegance. The Chevron line is very sexy! It offers a combination of geometric lace and microfiber. I love this new version of the Star Cup bra with these fabrics. Gorgeous set, isn't it?

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Italian Lingerie: Sexy Bodysuits

This season you can find a wide offer of bodysuits on the Ritratti Collection. The following two are my favorite ones due to their sexy nature and classic allure. The first one is part of the Chevron line. It brings sexy wherever it goes! The design is made to have all eyes on you and plays with textures and transparencies, without looking trashy. Together with a skirt or a pair of pants, it will leave for sure a positive impression! The second bodysuit on the right is made of silk, and in a more classical way it, the design plays with floral embroideries and transparencies. Just gorgeous, don't you think?

Italian Lingerie: Classic Elegance

Have you ever wonder, how does Italian Lingerie looks like? The following pieces are the perfect example of it. Feminine, elegant and sexy all at the same time. Particularly, the nightdress is amazing! It is made of fabrics such as luxury lace and fine micro-modal in a powder tone. Wearing fine Italian micro-modal on your nightwear is an experience that I really recommend for you. It really feels like a second skin!

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Ritratti Milano: Created For Women Who Love Luxury

Ritratti Milano has been for decades a synonym for Italian Luxury. For those of you not familiarized with this label, think of all the attributes that make the Italian luxury sector so famous around the world, like for example a preference for creating original designs that celebrate women, manufactured only with the best fabrics and techniques. This winter season, Ritratti developed a collection that embodies pure Italian luxury.

Let's start this time by talking about the color palette of the complete collection. There are three very clear color tendencies: Soft neutral pastels like light powder blue and dove-grey, is the first one. The second tendency is based on brilliant color tones such as yellow-earth and red-pink. And off course, black is the third color tendency since it is a must every season, especially in the luxury sector.

The pieces in silk are for sure highlights! Take a look at the first image of the post. Its like being inside an old Italian film… beautiful isn't it? Certainly, a sophisticated color choice created for women who enjoy luxury. The combination in-between stretch silk satin with exquisite leavers lace is for sure unique. All together with the kimono, a classical boudoir look!

Another series of pieces that caught our attention are the ones in yellow-earth combined with dove-grey. Who would have thought that somebody would be able to integrate yellow and make it look sophisticated?

If you are looking for a one of a kind luxurious piece of lingerie that you can also use as outerwear, take a look at the black halterneck bra with fine lace; so exquisite… it has Hollywood star and red carpet written all over!

Enjoy the pleasure of admiring the campaign images of one of Italy's best luxury brands and don't forget to consider Ritratti Milano on your next shopping spree.

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